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Philip Kingsley Products in Highgate North London

As a specialist hair and scalp care brand, Philip Kingsley is a leading name globally. Developed with over 60 years of hair and scalp expertise, each product is brought to the market through the understanding of Trichology – the scientific study of the hair and scalp and is designed to cater for specific hair texture, length, and type. Experience premium hair products at affordable prices by Philip Kingsley, available in store.

We at Bailey & Saunders Pharmacy in Highgate, North London, are here to help you look after your skin, scalp, and hair with a wide range of products from some of the leading brands in the world. Now you can shop for Philip Kingsley skincare and beauty products at our pharmacy. From day-to-day essentials to specialist skin products for acne, psoriasis, and eczema, we cater for all your skin and body care products.



Philip Kingsley

Bailey & Saunders Pharmacy in Highgate, North London stock a wide range of Philip Kingsley products.

  • Swimcap Water Resistant Mask
  • Flaky Itchy Anti Dandruff Scalp Toner
  • Elasticizer Deep Conditioning

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